Thank you to 2013 Members

Pam KingIn calendar year 2013, there were more than 6,600 Children’s Circle of Care members across the United States and Canada. Their collective donations to 26 prominent children’s hospitals exceeded $449 million. This is private support that was immediately available for patient care, education, research, teaching and training the next generation of pediatric specialists and advocating to keep children healthy and safe.

Children’s Circle of Care members are the leading benefactors to these children’s hospitals. They are individuals, couples or family foundations that made a contribution of $10,000 or more to any of the 26 participating hospitals in a calendar year. Since the Children’s Circle of Care program began in 1994, members collectively have contributed more than $5.2 billion to these children’s hospitals over the years.

Last year, with the support of Children's Circle of Care members, these hospitals collectively:

  • Provided for more than 15.2 million patient visits
  • Admitted more than 441,000 children for hospital stays
  • Performed more than 496,000 surgeries
  • Responded to more than 2.1 million emergency room visits
  • Invested more than $1.4 billion in research to provide better treatment and cures

In the United States, support of Children’s Circle of Care members made it possible for 22 children’s hospitals collectively to provide more than $2.2 billion in uncompensated care to ensure no child was turned away because of his or her family’s inability to pay.

There is great strength in these numbers, but even greater power in what the numbers make possible. Generous private investment in the mission of children’s hospitals enables:

  • The unwavering dedication of hospital leaders and medical providers to meet the demand of providing quality care in uncertain times
  • The recuperative power of the children treated, and their families - all of whom rely on community strength to help their loved ones heal
  • The possibility that every child has the opportunity for a healthy start in life


On behalf of all 26 prominent children’s hospitals that participate in the Children’s Circle of Care program, I want to thank CCC members for making the health and wellbeing of children among their top personal priorities. We hope we can count on you to renew your Children’s Circle of Care membership in 2014.

Pam King Sams
Chair, Children’s Circle of Care program